Royally transform your dog’s behavior positively! 

Lord of the Leash

Dog Walking

Where Your Pet is Royalty

Promenade Dog - 30

$2000Single Walk - Thirty Minutes
  • Three dog limit for this service.

The Honorable

$35000Single Dog/Single Walk
  • 5 Days A Week
  • $50.00 SAVINGS!

The Grand

$40000Two+ Dogs/Single Walk
  • 5 Days A Week
  • $100.00 SAVINGS!

The Regal

$60000Single Dog/Two Walks
  • 5 Days A Week
  • $200.00 SAVINGS!

The Majestic

$80000Two+ Dogs/Two Walks
  • 5 Days A Week
  • $200.00 SAVINGS!

Add-On Services

Overnight Add-On Services:

  • Basic Training – $50 per day/night training is requested. A trainer will arrive at your home during the sitter’s stay and work with your pets on the things you request.
  • Pet Transportation – $20.00 for the first five miles. $3.00 per every additional mile thereafter (for grooming appointments, vet visits, etc)

Additional Add-on Services

  • Puppy Introduction To Family/Pets – $100.00
  • Play Dates – $35 per pet in-home or on location
  • Wedding Services – Call for pricing

Delay of Service Fee

Attempts of gaining entrance into the property through a security guard / guard. If the entrance is denied and advise that we are not on the list. This fee will apply and services may not be able to be performed or shortened. If this occurs more than once during time of service the following charges will occur.

  • 1st Deterrent – No Charge
  • 2nd Deterrent – $5.00
  • 3rd Deterrent – $10.00
  • 4th Deterrent – $15.00 or more
  • Additional Visit Charge, if we have to return

Holiday Surcharge

Holiday Surcharges are applied to services requested on and around the weekday and weekends of Holidays. Including:

  • New Years’ Eve/ New Years’ Day – December 31st/ January 1st.
  • Good Friday and Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day – Last Monday of May.
  • Independence Day – July 4th.
  • Labor Day – First Monday of September.
  • Veterans Day – November 11th.
  • Thanksgiving Day – Third Thursday of November.
  • Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day – December 24th/25th.

Services that are scheduled that fall on or around Major Holiday(s)/ School Breaks that are canceled will not be refunded or credited.

Additional Charges / Services

  • $10.00 additional for Last Minute Visits (24 Hours Before Service/Day Of)
  • $25.00 fee for any last minute canceled/no call/no show in-home training session, Noble Day Visit or Dog Walk

Holiday Surcharge Pricing

  • $15.00 for Dignified Overnights, Noble Day Visits and Promenade Dog Walks