Lord of the Leash


Where Your Pet is Royalty

Thank you for choosing Lord Of The Leash Pet Solutions, LLC, to care for your pet. We would like to welcome you into The Royal Family! This choice ensures that your pets will benefit from increased attention and personalized care, promoting their happiness and well-being throughout your absence. To deliver this level of excellence in care, we require a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s unique requirements and routines.

Our initial meeting, referred to as an “Evaluation,” serves as an opportunity for us to gather essential information about your pet. While much of this information will also be detailed in the Service Agreement, we welcome any additional notes or instructions regarding your pet’s care. Through this process, we aim to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your pet, ensuring that we provide exceptional care and support. Our goal is to develop a strong relationship with your pet(s), but this won’t be fully accomplished during the first meeting.

Things to Know: The first several visits your pet may be unsure of what is going on. They may not eat or show different behaviors. Building a strong relationship with your pet is our ultimate objective, although this may not be fully achieved during the initial meeting. It’s important to note that during the initial visits, your pet may display signs of uncertainty or behave differently due to the unfamiliarity of the situation. Our approach is centered on respecting your pet’s comfort levels and adapting our services accordingly. For instance, if a scheduled visit includes a walk but your pet appears hesitant, we may modify the activities to focus more on bonding and companionship.

We aim to proceed at the pace that your pet feels most comfortable with, utilizing our core values of leading with love, patience and understanding to slowly win your pet over. During each visit, we will spend some time getting to know your pet(s). A lasting and powerful bond is often the result. This will give both you and your pet(s) and peace of mind so you’re comfortable scheduling with us whenever you need us.


Please understand all services and bookings are on a first come, first served basis. Meaning if The Royal Family is already booked and unable to accommodate you then we will be referring you to other companies like ours that we know, love and trust so your needs are met. There is no guarantee Lord Of The Leash Pet Solutions, LLC or any other company we refer you to will be able to accommodate you. Due to this we ask that you book with us as far in advance as possible.

To be eligible to book you must do the following:

To Schedule: An initial Evaluation must be performed, an account on Time to Pet must be created, paperwork must be completed before we can officially accept service requests through Time to Pet.

Please make sure you have the following completed:

  • Account Created on Time to Pet
  • Download the FREE Time To Pet App on your Apple or Android Device
  • Access remaining documents in your Time To Pet Portal
  • Physically Printed Service Agreement and other Documents Completed to be left at home in a designated spot, collected by staff member OR Service Agreement and other Documents completed emailed to us through Time To Pet App
  • Pet Parent Check List (Pet Sitting or Pet Training Checklist)
  • Hurricane Plan Agreement
  • Pay service invoice in full for booking to be completed


We also want to assure you that your reservation with us secures our dedication to you and your pet. If necessary, we will turn away other clients to keep our commitment to you. So, please take note of our cancellation policy for both pet sitting and pet training:

A 24 HR notice is mandatory to reschedule or cancel the following services.

  • Dignified Pet Sitting & Noble Day Visits
  • Pet Training

Failure to give The Royal Family a 24 HR reschedule, or cancellation notice WILL result in a $25 FEE.

You may need to change the dates of your overnight service. Due to this we ask that you have concrete dates at the time of booking. Changes after booking may present scheduling issues and converge with other overnights or services that have already been booked. Date changes after a booking that is confirmed through your client portal are subject to The Royal Family’s availability. This may result in a refund of the retainer fee if dates are changed 30 days prior to your originally scheduled departure date and a complete cancellation of the overnight service due to The Royal Family’s lack of availability.

Please note canceling or rescheduling a service will make you subject to what The Royal Family has as availability. Space is LIMITED.


At the time of booking, you will be required to pay the service invoice in full for any pet sitting, day visit or pet training services. In the event you need to reschedule you may be subject to The Royal Family’s availability. Please notify your sitter of any changes or cancellations immediately. Please see the refund policy below for Dignified Overnight and Noble Day Visit Refunds.


  • More than 30 Days’ Notice: Full Refund
  • 7-15 Days’ Notice: 75% Refund
  • 3-6 Days’ Notice: 50% Refund
  • Less Than 3 Days Notices: No Refund

You must have a card on file to book any overnights or Noble Day Visit services.

You must have a card on file with your veterinarian and your sitter must be authorized to facilitate taking your pets to your preferred vet in your absence.


All package credits will expire after six months from the original purchase date. A no call/no show to a lesson will result in a $25.00 FEE. A 24 HR notice is required to cancel or reschedule. A same day cancellation will result in a $25.00 FEE and scheduling for the next lesson will be at The Royal Family’s discretion.

Please note if you are rescheduling a lesson then you will be subject to The Royal Family’s availability.

Best Pet Sitting

We did the 24 hour service for our pups (they are never alone) while we went on a vacation for a week and the service was beyond our expectations. I would and have recommended Lord of the Leash to anyone that needs their pets looked after while away. From start to finish the whole process was easy and very comprehensive! Our pups were so well taken care of and loved on while we were gone it made us able to be even more relaxed while away. They were amazing and we will definitely be using them again!

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